“The more passionate and argumentative I get the more followers and friends I make online.”

Monday, November 18, 2013

Optimizing the O.C.D. Experience

Justin Klosky, founder & CEO of the OCD Experience, is steadily solidifying his place as a popular, preferred leading Professional Organizer/Life Coach on a national level since becoming the “in-house” Organizational Expert on Anderson Cooper’s syndicated show, Anderson, appearing on other popular national shows like The Talk, and contributing tips and best practices on radio shows and in print media outlets.

Klosky is currently preparing to promote his book “Organize & Create Discipline- An A-Z guide to an Organized Existence” and he’ll kickstart the promotional campaign in Q1 2014.
He’s developed ideas on how he plans on expanding the OCD Experience through branching other divisions, developing organizational seminars that will give clients the tools and resources to learn how to live the OCD lifestyle as well as how he wants to grow his organizing products and services by introducing innovative, trendy organizing tools & gadgets to the world.

Company Analysis:

O.C.D. Experience was founded by Justin Klosky in 2008 and it is a nationally recognized professional organization company that helps people find clarity in their lives by completely deconstructing and reorganizing people’s lives by providing them with personalized organizational practices and disciplines. The idea behind the Brand is revealed in the companies’ acronym O.C.D. which stands for “Organize and Create Discipline”. By providing solutions using the OCD System, clients are empowered to apply the customized plan to any circumstance or space, finding clarity in their space, mind, and life along the way.

What makes O.C.D. Experience special is Justin Klosky’s,  the founder, experience suffering clinical obsessive compulsive disorder that inspired him to create the company. In overcoming his battle with OCD, Justin learned how to develop disciplines in his life that helped him organize and journey through the obsessions that cluttered his mind. His own personal experience, makes him a powerful force who is able to coach others and show them the benefits of how having an organized life first will contribute to having an organized space as well.

O.C.D. Experience currently offers in-home consulting services in NY, LA, & Miami as well as virtual consulting services to clients living outside of those geographic realms. The O.C.D. Experience team prides themselves on living & carrying out their mission of “helping people find clarity & peace” in their space, mind, and life without judgment” when going into clients’ homes and organizing the problem “areas” in their lives. The O.C.D Experience team has customized solutions that benefit all—regardless of how large or unique the space or personal situation.

The O.C.D. Experience Brand has garnered national attention through Justin’s presence as an “in-house organizational expert” on Anderson Cooper’s syndicated show “Anderson”, as well as through his appearance on other popular national television shows like “The Talk”, radio shows, and his contributions in print media outlets.

The primary audience of O.C.D. Experience is women as well as Business and Manufacturing Companies. O.C.D. Experience helps women maintain and better manage their household through personalized organizational systems. Businesses and Manufacturing Companies benefit from the O.C.D. Experience because they receive a customized organization plan & system that improves efficiency, increases productivity, empowers workers and employees-riding waste and saving time and money along the way, ultimately resulting in the speedy progression of the company to higher levels of success.

While these are just the two most notable groups of their audience, generally speaking everyone can benefit from having organization in the spaces and areas that surround their lives. There is definitely opportunity for the O.C.D. Experience to appeal and subsequently benefit the masses on both vertical and horizontal levels.

Justin & the company are currently gearing up for the release of Klosky’s book which is set to hit stands towards the end of 2013. In addition to organizational consulting,  Klosky speaks to colleges, high schools, and corporations throughout the nation, the company sells a wallet and they launched a smartphone app that assists parents in teaching and monitoring organizational skills and efforts to their children.

Having a Professional Organizer is steadily becoming viewed less as a “luxury service” and more as a “necessity”. Just last year, USATODAY reported “organizing is a big business and growing, the industry having doubled size in just the last 10 years”. In an interview earlier this year with Idea Mensch, an online community of entrepreneurs who share their stores and lessons learned, Klosky said “the best way to bring anything to life is by acting on it. Nothing will ever get done if action isn’t being taken”, and we’ve used his quote to serve as our “mantra” in developing an Integrated Marketing Communication Plan that will fully benefit the O.C.D. Experience through utilization of various multimedia channels.

The proposed Integrated Marketing Communications Plan advocates using the majority of the company’s allocated budget towards hiring Specialized, highly trained, qualified Professional Organizers across the U.S. to increase our efforts in being the leading Professional Organizing Company on a national level as well as towards creating promotional material to distribute across traditional media outlets that will help us maximize our audience reach, gain new clients, while further solidifying Brand loyalty with current clients.

The objectives mentioned above require the majority of our budget, however they do not demand the majority of our time.—leaving us ample opportunity to spend more hours revaming the O.C.D. Experience’s Social Media channels. In a 2012 article, Comcast Business stated, “Social Media programs are most effective when the right tools are used, enough time is allotted for the programs to build momentum and you are committed to delivering value to customers as opposted to selling to them”, and this is why our proposed IMC plan divides the companies’ budget and time in a way we believe will best drive community building, traffic to the company website, and increase Brand awareness, consideration, loyalty and advocacy.

At the end of  2014’s first quarter, efforts told achieving all of the aforementioned objectives will have introduced and established. Analytics will show the company has:
1. Online and offline Brand Consistency across all media channels
2. Reached a larger audience
3. Increased website traffic
4. Established loyalty and business in current and new markets
5. Increased sales
6. Generated a consistent demand for the companies’ products and services
7. Built Relationships & Partnerships where  necessary
8. Layed the foundation towards being the leading Professional Organizing company on a national  level.

In this IMC plan, you'll find an analysis of the current IMC efforts as well as recommendations that incorporate the proposed IMC plans strategies and objectives in regards to the OCD Experience's website, blog, social media sites, & events. A full version of my proposed Integrated Marketing Communications Plan was prepared for & shared in private with Justin Klosky, founder of OCD Experience for a class project.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Analyzing Analytics!

ABC company is health-oriented and in the Central Florida area. In addition to this Facebook page, ABC company has a Twitter account, Pinterest page and YouTube channel. ABC Company also sends out a bi-weekly e-newsletter. In this post I will analyze the Screenshot below in answering the following questions:

  • Any key findings?
  • Where could improvements be made?
  • How could other channels play a part in boosting results?
  • What are some future campaigns or posts that could be effective?

Key Findings:
  1. The number of likes on the ABC Company's Facebook page increased 69% which is good because that indicates more people are coming to the page to see what we are saying. With 340,325 Friends of Fans we can definitely use these likes from "fans" to get more likes on Facebook by using our current fans as advocates for the Company
  2. The number of people talking about our company went down 50%. We need to figure out why they're not talking about us anymore? What were saying in the previous months that had our fans talking about us? What did we change this month that lead to the decrease? Do we need to change our content? ABC Company need to take a look at all of the analytics from posts this year to see why the big decrease?
  3. ABC Company is reaching more people on Facebook
  4. ABC Company need to post more content similar to the "National Cancer Survivors Day" post because this was the most viral post. The post reached the least amount of people on Facebook but it was the most viral. Was it the content that made it more viral? or was it the fact that it was posted on Sunday? Need to further analyze the analytics from posts on Sunday in previous months. Also need to determine what about this content contributed to it being the most viral as well as how we can incorporate the strategies used to generate this content in our other posts that reach a larger audience?
  5. Thirsty Thursdays and Wellness Wednesdays don't seem to be a big hit. Perhaps ABC Company need to get rid of themes like this.
  6. The majority of our fans and visitors are female (60.3%) between 25-44 years old. We need to keep them talking and engaged. We need to figure out what type of content will increase our male (38.4%) fans and visitors as well as how we can effectively use that data to increase our reach to the general male population?
  7. ABC Company seem to have a strong following in the Hispanic community. Spanish speakers are the largest demographic behind English Speakers and people from Spanish speaking countries make up the second largest following behind the U.S. Is the traffic coming from people in New York coming from Spanish Speaking people? There is a large Hispanic presence in New York--could our current and local Hispanics be promoting our page and content?
  8. There was a spike in total reach when ABC Company sent out an email on May 21. 
  9. Almost all of our emails are delivered (99%) but only 25% are opened? Why aren't people reading the emails we are sending? What can we change improve in the content.
Room For Improvement:
  1. Incorporate more visuals: health related photos, videos, and info graphics into posts.
  2. View audience as consumers instead of just shooting out content to them is the best way to increase/improve the audience's overall satisfaction & increase engagement.
  3. Implement content that is geared towards ABC second largest demographics to keep them engaged (health related issues in the Hispanic community)
  4. Facebook is a source for specific data about health condition for many people. Use this leverage to keep people coming to ABC Company's Facebook page as well as to engage patients with their health.
  5. Collaborate with bloggers who disseminate health information and post their posts on the Facebook page and ask them to have their followers go to ABC Company page to learn more about their health services.
  6. Network with Hospitals, Health Care Centers & Community Agencies to get them to help increase Brand Awareness and direct traffic to the Company Facebook page.
Other Social Media Channels

  1. ABC Company should use other channels like Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube to increase traffic.
  2. Include links to the Facebook page in Tweets
  3. People want to visualize their health--Use pinterest to include health related graphics, photos as a more effective way of browsing through content
  4. Create informative videos on Youtube.
  5. Google is the top external reference. Perhaps ABC Company should consider making a Google+ account
Planning for the Future

  1. ABC Company should stop sending emails because the ROI is too low considering the time spent on creating the newsletter and emails. Focus on ways the same information can effectively be transmitted across all Social Media channels and Increase audience engagement.
  2. The second largest language of their followers is Spanish & Hispanics are the second largest demographics. Implement more content surrounding issues affecting the Hispanic community and consider disseminating information in both Spanish and English.
  3. Over 90% of the major influences in peoples lives come from people they know…ABC Company need to make sure they are asking their fans and followers to share the information with others. 
  4. Statistics show 60% of adults surveyed use the internet to find health info. Find out which top diseases affect people in Central Florida and implement content surrounding that data.
  5. Increase interaction and engagement with seniors by implementing content that facilitates healthy aging. A lot of Americans move to Central Florida after retirement. 
  6. 10 million adults use a cell phone to find health info. Instead of doing Thirsty Thursday to TechThursdays and talk about a smartphone app that is health-related. There are many in both the iTunes and google play store--currently there are over 13,000 medical or health related apps
  7. 42% of Americans say they have or someone they know has been helped by using medical advice/info found on the internet. ABC Company should use this statistic to produce content on the FB page that will help their fans.
  8. 100+ patients go online to find information about prescriptions. Incorporate posts and visual content that explain the benefits, side effects, and common uses of the most popular drugs. 
  9. A Florida Hospital recently opened 2 women's health centers dedicated to women's health, providing an array of women's services for women of all ages. Promote these two centers and highlight the services offered. Build partnerships with them to get them to send traffic your way. 
  10. Tourism is big in Central Florida and as a result there is a high prevalence of fast-food restaurants. Highlight restaurants in the Central Florida area that promote healthier eating and have healthier menus in the content on the Facebook page. 
  11. Post when people will interact: M-F posting is better
  12. Consistency is key. ABC Company should post 1-4 times a week
  13. Use Fill in the Blank responses as opposed to always asking questions
  14. Have an engaging cover photo to lure audiences in. Use photos or videos in posts.
  15. Highlight and promote health events and news related to health in the Central Florida area.
  16. Incorporate success stories from fans
  17. Respond to comments
By incorporating these strategies into their IMC plan. ABC Company will increase their audience reach quicker than they know. 

3 Ways to Gather Information from an IMC Campaign to help Determine ROI

Search Engine Optimization: SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine. Having the keywords throughout your IMC campaign will help generate and drive traffic to your website and social media channels. Along with using keywords, one should also ensure the content they are publishing is well-written and engaging. Appropriate Keywords will resulted in higher rankings and the higher the ranking the more frequently the site appears. The more frequently the site appears in searches, the more visitors it will receive. Google Analytics will reveal all types of data and will hep figure out ROI by revealing what types of messages and content the audience is responding to, when they are responding as well as who the audience is. Another wonderful thing about Google Analytics is how it also allows you to see how your competition is doing and enables you to analyze online conversation across your respective industry so you can spend time creating engaging content based off of what your current and prospective audience is demanding.

Sales revenue: This measures the efforts/contributions the brand/company dedicates towards sales. This indicator will definitely let you know if your overall IMC plan is effective in optimizing your sales revenue. It will also give you a clear indication of which channels you need to continue using to reach your audience as well as the ones that are ineffective and as a result inform you where you may need to scale back your efforts. Sales revenue will also help you determine where the traffic that leads to purchases is coming from. One can determine which channel is bring in the most purchases and referrals as well as which channels are not generating in revenue leads at all.

Social Analytics: Analytics from your Companies' social networking sites provide valuable insight regarding if you are spending your time efficiently and publishing the correct content. Analytics from blogs, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts do a great job of showing not only what content, posts, statuses get the most views, are shared the most, but also reveals which ones are not doing well at all. Providing a clear view on where changes need to be made in the current IMC plan. If the content a company currently is producing is creating in engaging interactions with the audience, increasing sales, or tackling the overall company goals and objectives then the social analytics will surely let them know and they'll be able to begin revamping the current IMC plan.