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Friday, November 15, 2013

Using Social Media to Make NYC Fashion Week Trendier

A week full of evolving social media coupled with the trendiest fashions from the world's top designers in New York City, one of the hippest cities in the world is every girl's dream! Okay maybe not every girl--only girls like me who are Social Media Planning Managers who also happen to have a blinded, deep-rooted love affair with Fashion.

As the Social Media Consultant for an up and coming designer going to their first Fashion Show during NYC Fashion Week, I will wear the Giuseppe stilettos that will successfully incorporate IMC & Social Media Sites to promote Fashion Week, the designer, Fashion Trends & apparel, as well as the Brand.

I am accessorizing my enormous closet of Fashion industry knowledge with my expert social media skills to create the most stylish Integrated Marketing Campaign that will build awareness for my designer by obtaining recognition from the top fashion vendors and buyers and solidify her place in the Fashion Industry while simultaneously promoting NYC Fashion Week.

I will concentrate on using the following three mainstream Social Media Channels to achieve my campaign objectives.

Instagram: This social media site has over 150 million users and is one of the most engaging social media channels. We will use the visual channel to engage and interact with our followers to show how we prepared for NYC Fashion Week, our Experience during Fashion Week, as well as our takeaways and achievements from Fashion Week. In order to foster community interaction we will promote our 7 day Fashion Week Newbie Challenge incorporating the hashtag #FWNewbieChallenge 3 days before Fashion Week in order to spread the word to other 1st Time Fashion Week attendees like our very own designer so that our followers will know the types of images that need to be uploaded during the Challenge. Crop Tops will be big in 2014 and our designer has collection dedicated specifically to crop tops and she will be highlighting it during NYC Fashion Week. An example of a photo challenge post would be "DAY 1: Put together the most fashion forward outfit using your favorite Crop Top. Then Post a pic of you in it." We will also use instagram to upload shots from runway shows, backstage peeks, our favorite out fits of the day from our very own collections, we will premiere new apparel and trends, and we will respond to @ replies from our commenters to build our community fan base. Our strategy is to focus on making our apparel and shoes interesting, appealing, different and artsy as opposed to focusing on selling the apparel.

Twitter: I prefer to solely use visually based social media channels during NYC Fashion week however I cannot escape nor deny the real time power of Twitter in generating buzz and traffic traffic to  other channels. For those reasons alone, we will use Twitter to tweet other designers to build relationships, promote and share; we will use hashtags to create buzz, find our target audience and improve the results of our marketing efforts.  We will also use hashtags to enhance our interactions with our followers and we will engage in "Twitter Listening" to see what our target audience is talking about during NYC Fashion Week and we will use that insight to craft our tweets.

Pinterest: Pinterest has been dubbed the "fashion-oriented social media platform" because of its rich content and the large presence of fashion brands, fashion designers, and bloggers on the channel. We will use the social media site to create boards regarding our take on 2014 fashion trends, along with boards that will give a users a sneak peek of our collections, boards that have outfit ideas inspired by us,  boards dedicated to unusual things that can be used to accessorizes outfits to be more bold and cutting edge. We will pin from our favorite designers and fashion bloggers and we will also include links to the blogs and other Social Media channels of the fashion bloggers and fashion magazines that we have partnered with. Considering that our this is our designers first NYC Fashion week and the biggest opportunity to date for her to increase sales and traffic to her Brand Website, we will transform our board with the outfits we put together using our apparel into a simulated "flipboard" so when pinterest users like an outfit  on that board a notification will pop up informing them that the outfit can be theirs and they can purchase now by clicking on the link that will subsequently  drive them to our website. And that's not even the best part! We put the icing on the cake & made it so easy and convenient for our customers by already having everything from the outfit loaded in the shopping cart and ready to be purchased.

Two other forms of multimedia communication I chose to use are:

  • Blogs: Blogs will provide us an easy way to give our users a solid chronological view into all of the preparation, planning that took place before the show; the fashion shows, our runway experiences and successes during NYC Fashion week; and our key take aways and accomplishments from the event. Blogs are also a good way to see what other designers and knowable fashion critics are saying during the show.
  • Vine: There has been a steady decline in the Return of Investment in regards to creating Videos and uploading them on Youtube as well as Live Streaming during fashion week because they limit designers and do not foster enough engagement or social conversation to build a community around the brand. It takes a lot of time and money to create compelling videos on Youtube and receiving a couple thousand views is not enough when you factor in the investment and the videos do not  fully reach the masses. With that being taken into account, we still want to incorporate some video but short inexpensive clips that we will allow us to think outside the box and generate innovative content and Vine let's us do just that! We like to be daring and different and do what others believe we can't so we have developed strategies to deliver the same message from the Live Streams and Youtube Videos but in short, linear edited, video clips that last a total of 6.5 seconds. We will also use the video filters to correspond with our funky moods during Fashion Week and we will also foster competitions on the site that challenge our target audience members to create clips of their best catwalk down the runway as well as a video collage of our users sporting different outfits that all highlight one 2014 fashion trend (like birkenstocks or chiffon). 

To measure the success of our campaign, we will track our analytics before, during, and after NYC Fashion Week to get a better understanding of which Social Media Channels were truly instrumental in helping us achieving our Campaign goals.