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Friday, November 15, 2013

Social Media Planning for Say Goodbye to Adios!

I love speaking & teaching Spanish and learning about the Spanish culture. My passion to help people acquire Spanish as a secondary language along with my experience working as an Interpreter for several years led me to develop my own Spanish language service, Say Goodbye to Adios. I designed the company website in late July and I had all of my lesson plans, workshops, and social gathers planned out. I thought I knew enough about Social Media to go ahead & start profiles on popular Social Networking Sites for my company, however around the  2nd week of the semester, I quickly learned that there was so much more planning and brainstorming that needed to take place if I were to have a successful Social Media Campaign.

Needless to say, I haven't officially launched the site yet & I'm glad I waited. Now, I am more of an expert at planning a successful Social Media Campaign for my company. I have the necessary tools and skills needed to carry out my overall objectives.

I bet you're wondering "Why  it Pays to be Bilingual in today's job market?"  Well, recent studies show U.S workers who are able to fluently speak a foreign language are in demand and the need is expected to grow over the next decade! This demand is being driven by an increasingly global economy as well as the steadily growing presence of non-english speakers in the U.S.

The U.S. Department of Labor expect employment of interpreters and translators to increase 22% between 2008 and 2018!

Now you're thinking to yourself "...Mmmm why Spanish and not French?" Latinos are currently the nation's LARGEST minority group; accounting for half of the nation's population growth! With 40 million Hispanics in the U.S. today and an estimated annual growth of 4.65%, the Latino community will add 1.7 million people to its population every year! What better time than NOW to learn Spanish?

  1. Spanish language Skills will allow you to travel and open you up to culture & entertainment that you would not be able to access.
  2. A second language will look good on your transcripts & give you an edge in a competitive environment especially when applying to universities, grad school, law school and medical school.
  3. Accomplish your goal of being able to read, write, understand and fluently speak Spanish. It's never too late to learn.
  4. Speaking Spanish in Global Economy will make you more attractive to employers and more valuable to your company once you land a job. 

While I would say my overall  target audience is general, I do have certain groups I want to reach out to and they include: middle & high school students looking for a Spanish tutor, College students who need a Spanish tutor, students in the middle school age to college age range who want to enhance their Spanish speaking skills, Individuals who want to specialize in Educational Interpreting, Medical Professionals who want to learn or enhance their Spanish specifically medical terminology, Individuals who want to learn the art and ethics of interpreting, and Companies who need a Contract Interpreter/Translator. Taking these demographics into account, I have decided to use the following Social Networking Sites:
  • Facebook- create personal relationships, it has more users from all demographics & it's perfect for me to educate current and future students about lesson plans/objectives to foster their language acquisition and to develop a brand voice. One of the main reasons I want to have a solid Facebook page for Say Goodbye to Adios is because it is the best site for chronicling the successes of my students and clients
  • Twitter-  the best way to monitor my conversations with my followers, I can use hashtags to create leads that will help other prospectives find me and add to the conversation. In my opinion, this is a perfect site for me to not only interact with my clients and students but to network with others who have the same company or objective as me as well.
  • Instagram - I am a visually stimulated person so It's no surprise that I want a SNS that allows me to incorporate visuals. I would include promotional material, words of the day posts (since instagram has video now and there are apps that allow to combine video and photos) where I will have the photo of the word and its definition and a video with audio of its pronunciation. I also want to post photos of my interactions with my students along with photos from my workshops and social outings.
  • A blog (i have yet to decide which platform)- I want to do a blog because this will be something for all clients to go back to and will help foster their learning, enhance their language skills, and assist in ensuring that the students don't "fall out of touch" with what they are learning
  • Youtube (this is going to take a lot of planning before launching on this site)- I want to post videos regarding correct pronunciations, as well as the etiquette involved in interpreting as well as best practices for the professional interpreter.
  • Linkedin- a formal "professional" profile. WIll help me get contract interpreting and translating work. I can also market and promote my workshops and learning classes.
  • Pinterest To also promote the Spanish culture and teach my clients and students about different Hispanic cultures-there culture is very unique and it is necessary to understand the "general" Hispanic culture  in order to truly be successful. I am also a very creative person so this will allow me to come up with creative learning techniques. 
I plan on integrating my SNS as well in order to promote traffic from one site to another. Some of the helpful websites that help me generate content and plan my Social Media Campaign for Say Goodbye to Adios are

I get a lot of inspiration and insight from these websites. The relevant and key information from these sites help me to come up with planning for my campaign.

Social Media Campaign for Say Goodbye to Adios

  1. Create a video mini-series regarding the etiquette of interpreting in the medical field and post on the Youtube channel.
  2. Have several pinterest boards promoting Hispanic heritage and culture (for example: one highlight hispanic countries, foods, social cultural practices, Hispanic holidays, religions, health & lifestyle)
  3. Have #SlangSaturdays on Twitter. Followers will tweet me slang English idioms or phrases in which they want translated into Spanish (no profanity or cruel sayings) and I take what they request and make a clip translating the idiom or phrase and post it on the instagram page (embed on Twitter) as well. i'll also interact with followers and get them to teach me some phrases.
  4. Keeping the Brand voice consistent, I would post a slang phrase I picked and discuss the origins and provide examples of correct usage as well as video content on the Facebook page.
  5. On Cinco de Mayo, i will host a contest in which my students, clients, followers will submit a 2 minute video on Youtube highlighting how they immersed themselves in the Hispanic culture to celebrate Cinco-de-Mayo. THE KEY factor is the entire video has to be in Spanish.
  6. Have "Testimonial Tuesdays" throughout the entire Social Media Campaign. On Facebook and the blog-will highlight a student's testimony regarding how learning spanish has benefited them. On twitter using hashtag #TestimonialTuesdays, users will tweet how spanish has benefited them. On Instagram, users will post a picture or video clip of them Incorporating the Spanish learning skills. On linked in and youtube, I will post a success story from some one highlighting how spanish has changed their life.
  7. Do a how-to series on Youtube for individuals interested in becoming professional interpreters
  8. Have Fit Fridays- throughout all Social Media outlets, I will post content centered around health issues that affect Hispanics (for general knowledge as well as for those who want to be Interpreters and for Medical Professionals who have high Hispanic patient populations), medical/health/fitness terminology, healthy hispanic dishes, Hispanic  exercises.
  9. On the blog, I will post weekly tips for Medical Professionals & Hospitals who market and interact with Hispanic community
  10. Interact with as well as promote other Spanish Learning Companies on Twitter
  11. Host a seminar that helps bilingual individuals get interpreting and translating jobs. Promote the seminar on the Social Networking Sites.
  12. Document and highlight all of the company social outings with students and clients on Social Media, Also promote students and clients posts as well
  13. Use relevant articles regarding news and issues in the Hispanic Community to solidify my credibility
  14. Highlight businesses and companies that do a great job of reaching out to the Hispanic Community by incorporating Hispanic Community Marketing data and information.
  15. Use social networking sites to promote and share Say Goodbye to Adios stewardship and volunteer efforts. For example, I want to host a workshop where I help native hispanic speakers create resumes in both English/Spanish as well as give them tips on finding a job. Reach out to celebrities and public figures to assist in accomplishing goals. 
  16. Have a day dedicated to Hispanic Dishes, recipes and highlight restaurants. I love spanish food so Ill create a board on Pinterest. POST dishes on instagram. Generate hispanic food buzz on Twitter. Ill do a Hispanic Restaurant Report Card (something I used to do when I worked for the news) where I will go to Hispanic restaurants interact with the owner/chef  in both english/spanish if possible) and sample a popular dish and give my rating. Also if the restaurant agrees provide a discount/promotion for those followers who watched the video on Youtube and the blog and Facebook page. 
  17. Also use my Social Media profiles to highlight  current Hispanic events and social outings for those who truly want to immerse in the culture