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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Working for Disney's Animal Kingdom

    We are pumped up to announce our new Social Media Campaign here at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Since we're the largest animal theme park in the world, it's no surprise we want the title of having the largest and most interactive social media campaign among all animal theme parks as well.
     We will achieve that objective by focusing on follower interaction & engagement, highlighting visiter engagement as well as through promoting our adventurous attractions on Twitter and Facebook.
Log in to your profiles & post along with us as we become the 
Kings of the Social Media Theme Park Jungle!

Sunday, December 1st

Facebook – Planning a trip to Disney's Animal Kingdom this Holiday Season? MyDisneyExperience is your personalized guide that gives you a new, easy way to plan & share your experience. Click here to register and start planning today!

Twitter –Coming to @Disney Animal Kingdom this holiday? Download the #MyDisneyExperience App & let us help you plan

Include Link: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/plan/

Monday, December 2nd

Facebook – What's your favorite Animal Kingdom Attraction? We want to Know!

Twitter –You're the center of our #jungle today; Tell us your fav #AKAttraction!

Tuesday, December 3rd

Facebook – Have you played our Animal Kingdom's Explorer game on Facebook? We've been playing all day! Become a part of our Global Research Team & start creating and nurturing your own wildlife preserve in exotic natural settings. Experience the beauty and value of nature with us…PLAY!

Twitter – Join our Global Research team & save wildlife on Animal Kingdom Explorer's game

Include Link: https://apps.facebook.com/disneyanimalkingdom/?track=fan-wall-gamepage

Wednesday, December 4th

Facebook Post 1: Disney is committed to protecting wildlife and their habitats through our Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund. We're celebrating World Wildlife Conservation Day by pampering our special wildlife all day long. Help us Make these animal's day extra special by donating to Disney's Worldwide Conservation Fund so we can continue to support the study of wildlife as well as the protection of wildlife. Click the link  below to donate now. Our wildlife needs you.
*Include Link: http://thewaltdisneycompany.com/citizenship/environmental-stewardship/disney-worldwide-conservation-fund

Facebook Post 2: Are any of our Facebook Friends at Animal Kingdom today celebrating World Wild life Conservation Day? If so, tag us in your status and upload a picture with your favorite wildlife & hashtag #WWCD. We can't wait to see your images.

Facebook Post 3: Visitors who are celebrating World Wildlife Conservation Day with us today can support endangered wildlife by donating to Disney's Worldwide Conservation Fund. View the image below for a complete list of contribution locations here at Animal Kingdom
*Include this pic: http://cdn.media.thewaltdisneycompany.com/cdnmedia/corporatecitizenship/DWCF_Factsheet_Contribution_Locations.pdf

Twitter Post 1 – We're celebrating World Wildlife Conservation Day at #AnimalKingdom #WWCD

Twitter Post 2 - Look how we're pampering our special wildlife
*Include this picture:
Twitter Post 3:  Learn how @Disney is committed to protecting wildlife for #WWCD
*Include Link:  http://thewaltdisneycompany.com/citizenship/environmental-stewardship/disney-worldwide-conservation-fund

Twitter Post 4: Want to help @Disney conserve wildlife? Here's a complete list of contribution locations.
*Include this pic: http://cdn.media.thewaltdisneycompany.com/cdnmedia/corporatecitizenship/DWCF_Factsheet_Contribution_Locations.pdf

Twitter Post 5: Celebrating World Wildlife Conservation Day with us? Tweet us a pic! We'll RT our favs! #WWCD

Thursday, December 5th

Facebook – On the 5th day of Christmas, our true love gave to us…. a baby Hartmann's Mountain Zebra! Say hello to Eskimo! Our newest addition!

Twitter – We received an early Christmas gift today. Eskimo, our baby Hartmann Zebra was born today!


Friday, December 6th

Facebook – We're still Goo-Goo-Ga-Ga over Eskimo, the newest addition to the Animal Kingdom Family. In honor of his birth, we're posting Facts about Zebra's all day long!


-- With three species of zebra, they can be distinguished by their stripes: plains zebras have wider stripes that wrap around their bellies. The Hartmann’s Mountain zebras have thinner stripes that don’t extend around the belly.

-- No two individual zebras look exactly alike.

-- Most scientists believe that the zebra’s stripes may serve to break up the outline of the zebra’s body in the herd and provide some camouflage when the zebra is standing in tall grass.

-- The Hartmann’s Mountain zebra can weigh up to 800 pounds and grow up to eight and a half feet.

-- Mountain zebras eat mostly grass, bark, leaves and tree and shrub shoots. Though they prefer mountainous regions for their habitat, they are known to move to lower elevations to graze in cold weather and seek shelter in caves or wooded areas.

Twitter Post 1– We're still gushing over #Eskimo, our newborn Hartmann Mountain #Zebra!

Twitter Post 2- Test your #Zebra knowledge in a game of #True or #False….

--  The Hartmann’s Mountain zebras have thinner stripes that extend around the belly.(F)

-- No two individual zebras look exactly alike.(T)

-- The Hartmann’s Mountain zebra can weigh up to 1,000 pounds and grow up to eight feet. (F)

-- Mountain zebras eat mostly pork, hay, and eggs. (F)

-- Hartmann's Mountain zebras seek shelter in caves or wooded areas.(T)

Saturday, December 7th

Facebook: Did you know were working hard on our Avatar themed land which is coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom!?Here's a glimpse of what's in store!

Twitter: We can't wait to open #AVATAR! Here's a sneak peak of what's in store!

Include pic in both posts:

Sunday, December 8th

Facebook – Did you love the movie Lion King as much as we did? We know you do, that's why you should capture our "big-as-Broadway show" Festival of the Lion King! Click here to purchase tickets to our amazing stage show that celebrates Simba, the lion cub who would be King!

Twitter – Dying to show off your best lion rendition? Well you can @ #AK's Festival of the Lion King show!

*Include link to purchase tickets in post.

Monday, December 9th

Facebook & Twitter: Are you looking for NEMO? He's making a splash @DinoLand. A must "sea" show!

Include pic:

Tuesday, December 10th

Facebook Post 1 – It's International Animal Rights Day. Our animals are our children, and we want to remind every human being that every animal on this planet deserves to be treated with equal kindness and respect. It saddens us that animals are still cruelly mistreated in 2013. Help us raise awareness, protest, and put a stop to animal cruelty by making the image below your profile picture.
*Include pic:

Facebook Post 2- We're giving away a 7 day, 6 night trip for four to Animal Kingdom in honor of International Animal Rights Day! Enter our giveaway by telling us how you will continue to raise awareness and help end animal cruelty in 2014! The deadline for submission is 11:59pm. To be considered contestants must post their essay on a Social Networking Site and provide us the link in the submission. Click here for complete details and deadlines regarding the contest.
*Include a link to contest submission

Twitter Post 1 – Here's how were Celebrating International Animal Rights Day! Support #animalrights
*Include pic of AK workers protesting animal cruelty

Twitter Post 2- Tweet us pics of you protesting animal cruelty. #STOPanimalcruelty

Twitter Post 3- We're giving away an all expense paid trip to #AK in support of Animal Rights. Visit our FB page to enter!

Wednesday, December 11th

Facebook – Relax and watch exotic birds display their guile and take flight during Flights of Wonder.

Twitter – A cool canvas canopy + 20 species of exotic birds= Flights of Wonder!

Include Link: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/entertainment/animal-kingdom/flights-of-wonder/

Thursday, December 12th

Facebook & Twitter – Pet, Brush & Feed animals like Billy @ Affection Section! #AKZOO

Include Pic in both posts:


Friday, December 13th

Facebook – Today we're playing Name that Attraction! We're giving away free passes to the First 10 people who can correctly name the attraction from the clues provided below. Message us the answer!

  • Cave like tunnels
  • Red Kangaroos
  • Hippopotamus carvings
  • The Tree of Life

Twitter –Which #AK attraction  has animal carvings embedded in the Tree of Life?

Saturday, December 14th

Facebook: It's National Monkey Day! Learn how you can share your world with our Cotton-Top Tamarin Monkeys at Habitat Habit! We can't wait to see you monkeying around with this adorable, entertaining primates!
* Note: include link: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/attractions/animal-kingdom/habitat-habit/

Twitter Post 1:  It's National Monkey Day! Tweet us a pic of your best monkey expression. We'll RT our favs :)

Twitter Post 2: We loved your monkey pics so much….that we want you to….

Twitter Post 3: Tweet us an embedded vine of your best monkey impersonation use hashtag #monkeyingAround

Twitter Post 4: We will Re-Tweet our top 5 favorite vines tonight @ 10:00pm

Sunday, December 15th

Facebook & Twitter: Travel Back in time to save an Iguanadon from extension on #AK's Dinosaur Joyride #thrill

Note: Include photo in both posts.

Monday, December 16th

Facebook Post 1 –Attention. Attention. We want to know which of our Facebook Friends used MyDisneyExperience to plan their vacation. Tag us in your post & tell us how MyDisneyExperience made your trip to the Animal Kingdom a simple, easy, yet memorable one!

Facebook Post 2: Suggest MyDisneyExperience to 10 Facebook Friends and receive 40% off your stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge!

Twitter Post 1 – MyDisneyExperience personalizes and simplifies planning your Disney Vacation.

Twitter Post 2: Tells us why you love using MyDisneyExperience #mydisneyEXP
Tuesday, December 17th

Facebook – Like our page if you LOVE Animal Kingdom!

Twitter –Retweet if you #LOVE @Disney's #ANIMALKINGDOM!

Wednesday, December 18th

Facebook & Twitter – True or False? Animal Kingdom is the largest animal theme park in the world?


Thursday, December 19th

Facebook – We're highlighting our Conservation Station today. This amazing popular attraction showcases our veterinary treatment room, a Backstage Tour that allows visitors to spy on our animals in their "habitats" using animal cams, a wildlife tracking center plus so much more! Click the link for a complete list of interactive exhibits! #Conservation Station

Twitter – Interactive Exhibits + an In-Depth look at animal habitats = #ConservationStation!

Include Link in both Posts: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/attractions/animal-kingdom/conservation-station/

Friday, December 20th

Facebook – There are many rides here at Animal Kingdom and we want to see how many of you are AK Ride Experts. We'll post a picture of a ride and we want you to mention the name of the ride in your status along with whether or not you've ridden it before! Go ahead and include a picture if you have one of you on the ride…we'd love to see it!


Twitter: It's #RideOutFriday! Tweet us a pic of you on your fav #AK ride!

Saturday, December 21st

Facebook & Twitter: Want Dinosaur fossils as a Christmas gift? We're "digging" away plenty at Boneyard!

Include Pic:

Sunday, December 22nd

Facebook – Although the Forecast calls for Sunny skies this Christmas here in Florida, the icy peaks & chilling nature of our Expedition Everest is guaranteed to Blow you Away! Bring your jacket if you dare….and beware of Yeti…

Twitter –Have a cool Christmas atop #AK's Expedition Everest. #Beware: Chilling Yeti may blow you away…

Include pic in both posts:

Monday, December 23rd

Facebook – We're jolly here at Animal Kingdom & excited for Christmas Day! Take a break from your last minute shopping and get a glimpse of our spectacular Christmas trimmings & decorations our Lodge!


Twitter – Take a break from last minute shopping & view our breathtaking Christmas Trimmings & decorations at #AK's Lodge!
*Note Include link that directs users to our Facebook Christmas album

Tuesday, December 24th

Facebook –We had a blast at Mickeys Jingle Jungle Parade today. What was your favorite float? Here's ours.

Twitter – Tweet us pics of your favorite float from Mickey's #JingleJungleParade!

Wednesday, December 25th

Facebook – Merry Christmas from our family to yours. We hope all of your wishes came true! Post pictures of you and your animals by the tree. Tag us & use the hashtag #OurAKChristmas

Twitter – Merry Christmas! Tweet us pics of you & your animals by the tree #OurAKChristmas

Thursday, December 26th

Facebook – Did any of our Facebook friends get any furry creatures or other animals for Christmas? if so, post a picture and tag us using hashtag #myAKgift

Twitter – Did your loved ones get you a furry creature  for Christmas? Tweet us pictures! #myfurrygift

Friday, December 27th

Facebook – It's Flashback Friday at Animal Kingdom. We're posting "Now & Then" pictures of our most popular animals. Like your favorites!


Twitter – It's #FlashbackFriday! Tweet us NOW/THEN pics of your pets! We'll RT our favorites!

Saturday, December 28th                                                  

Facebook & Twitter: Franklin is still stuffed from all of the Holiday food. He's having a lazy Saturday here at the Animal Kingdom.

Include photo in both posts.

Sunday, December 29th

Facebook – Thank you so much for spending 2013 with all of us here at Animal Kingdom. We're looking forward to making more memories with you in the new year. To end the year off spectacular, we're throwing a contest to see who had the best adventure at Animal Kingdom in 2013. Make a photo collage of your adventures and submit them to us. The winner will receive 12 passes to make more memories at Animal Kingdom in 2014! Yes that's 12 passes; One for each month of the year! We love you guys that much and we refuse to go a year without you!

Twitter –Share your photo collage highlighting your #AK #2013memories. Winner gets 12 pass to AK in 2014.

*Note: Include links to and contest info in both post

Monday, December 30th

Facebook – Coming to Animal Kingdom to kickoff the New Year? Is eating healthier on your 2014 resolution list? If so, we can help ensure you get started on the right track. Our Garden Kiosks has tons of healthy offerings and information regarding maintaing a healthier diet.
*Include Link:https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/animal-kingdom/gardens-kiosk/

Twitter – Want to lose weight and get fit in #2014? Sign up for #AK's #ExpeditionEverestChallenge.
*Include Link: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/events-tours/animal-kingdom/expedition-everest-challenge/

Tuesday, December 31st

Facebook –Happy New Year's Eve! We had a phenomenal year filled with so many memories because of you all. Tell us your new year resolutions!

Twitter Post 1–Happy New Year's Eve! We had an awesome #2013 with you all.

Twitter Post 2- Is visiting #AnimalKingdom on your #2014 #NewYearResolutions list?


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