“The more passionate and argumentative I get the more followers and friends I make online.”

Monday, November 18, 2013

Optimizing the O.C.D. Experience

Justin Klosky, founder & CEO of the OCD Experience, is steadily solidifying his place as a popular, preferred leading Professional Organizer/Life Coach on a national level since becoming the “in-house” Organizational Expert on Anderson Cooper’s syndicated show, Anderson, appearing on other popular national shows like The Talk, and contributing tips and best practices on radio shows and in print media outlets.

Klosky is currently preparing to promote his book “Organize & Create Discipline- An A-Z guide to an Organized Existence” and he’ll kickstart the promotional campaign in Q1 2014.
He’s developed ideas on how he plans on expanding the OCD Experience through branching other divisions, developing organizational seminars that will give clients the tools and resources to learn how to live the OCD lifestyle as well as how he wants to grow his organizing products and services by introducing innovative, trendy organizing tools & gadgets to the world.

Company Analysis:

O.C.D. Experience was founded by Justin Klosky in 2008 and it is a nationally recognized professional organization company that helps people find clarity in their lives by completely deconstructing and reorganizing people’s lives by providing them with personalized organizational practices and disciplines. The idea behind the Brand is revealed in the companies’ acronym O.C.D. which stands for “Organize and Create Discipline”. By providing solutions using the OCD System, clients are empowered to apply the customized plan to any circumstance or space, finding clarity in their space, mind, and life along the way.

What makes O.C.D. Experience special is Justin Klosky’s,  the founder, experience suffering clinical obsessive compulsive disorder that inspired him to create the company. In overcoming his battle with OCD, Justin learned how to develop disciplines in his life that helped him organize and journey through the obsessions that cluttered his mind. His own personal experience, makes him a powerful force who is able to coach others and show them the benefits of how having an organized life first will contribute to having an organized space as well.

O.C.D. Experience currently offers in-home consulting services in NY, LA, & Miami as well as virtual consulting services to clients living outside of those geographic realms. The O.C.D. Experience team prides themselves on living & carrying out their mission of “helping people find clarity & peace” in their space, mind, and life without judgment” when going into clients’ homes and organizing the problem “areas” in their lives. The O.C.D Experience team has customized solutions that benefit all—regardless of how large or unique the space or personal situation.

The O.C.D. Experience Brand has garnered national attention through Justin’s presence as an “in-house organizational expert” on Anderson Cooper’s syndicated show “Anderson”, as well as through his appearance on other popular national television shows like “The Talk”, radio shows, and his contributions in print media outlets.

The primary audience of O.C.D. Experience is women as well as Business and Manufacturing Companies. O.C.D. Experience helps women maintain and better manage their household through personalized organizational systems. Businesses and Manufacturing Companies benefit from the O.C.D. Experience because they receive a customized organization plan & system that improves efficiency, increases productivity, empowers workers and employees-riding waste and saving time and money along the way, ultimately resulting in the speedy progression of the company to higher levels of success.

While these are just the two most notable groups of their audience, generally speaking everyone can benefit from having organization in the spaces and areas that surround their lives. There is definitely opportunity for the O.C.D. Experience to appeal and subsequently benefit the masses on both vertical and horizontal levels.

Justin & the company are currently gearing up for the release of Klosky’s book which is set to hit stands towards the end of 2013. In addition to organizational consulting,  Klosky speaks to colleges, high schools, and corporations throughout the nation, the company sells a wallet and they launched a smartphone app that assists parents in teaching and monitoring organizational skills and efforts to their children.

Having a Professional Organizer is steadily becoming viewed less as a “luxury service” and more as a “necessity”. Just last year, USATODAY reported “organizing is a big business and growing, the industry having doubled size in just the last 10 years”. In an interview earlier this year with Idea Mensch, an online community of entrepreneurs who share their stores and lessons learned, Klosky said “the best way to bring anything to life is by acting on it. Nothing will ever get done if action isn’t being taken”, and we’ve used his quote to serve as our “mantra” in developing an Integrated Marketing Communication Plan that will fully benefit the O.C.D. Experience through utilization of various multimedia channels.

The proposed Integrated Marketing Communications Plan advocates using the majority of the company’s allocated budget towards hiring Specialized, highly trained, qualified Professional Organizers across the U.S. to increase our efforts in being the leading Professional Organizing Company on a national level as well as towards creating promotional material to distribute across traditional media outlets that will help us maximize our audience reach, gain new clients, while further solidifying Brand loyalty with current clients.

The objectives mentioned above require the majority of our budget, however they do not demand the majority of our time.—leaving us ample opportunity to spend more hours revaming the O.C.D. Experience’s Social Media channels. In a 2012 article, Comcast Business stated, “Social Media programs are most effective when the right tools are used, enough time is allotted for the programs to build momentum and you are committed to delivering value to customers as opposted to selling to them”, and this is why our proposed IMC plan divides the companies’ budget and time in a way we believe will best drive community building, traffic to the company website, and increase Brand awareness, consideration, loyalty and advocacy.

At the end of  2014’s first quarter, efforts told achieving all of the aforementioned objectives will have introduced and established. Analytics will show the company has:
1. Online and offline Brand Consistency across all media channels
2. Reached a larger audience
3. Increased website traffic
4. Established loyalty and business in current and new markets
5. Increased sales
6. Generated a consistent demand for the companies’ products and services
7. Built Relationships & Partnerships where  necessary
8. Layed the foundation towards being the leading Professional Organizing company on a national  level.

In this IMC plan, you'll find an analysis of the current IMC efforts as well as recommendations that incorporate the proposed IMC plans strategies and objectives in regards to the OCD Experience's website, blog, social media sites, & events. A full version of my proposed Integrated Marketing Communications Plan was prepared for & shared in private with Justin Klosky, founder of OCD Experience for a class project.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Analyzing Analytics!

ABC company is health-oriented and in the Central Florida area. In addition to this Facebook page, ABC company has a Twitter account, Pinterest page and YouTube channel. ABC Company also sends out a bi-weekly e-newsletter. In this post I will analyze the Screenshot below in answering the following questions:

  • Any key findings?
  • Where could improvements be made?
  • How could other channels play a part in boosting results?
  • What are some future campaigns or posts that could be effective?

Key Findings:
  1. The number of likes on the ABC Company's Facebook page increased 69% which is good because that indicates more people are coming to the page to see what we are saying. With 340,325 Friends of Fans we can definitely use these likes from "fans" to get more likes on Facebook by using our current fans as advocates for the Company
  2. The number of people talking about our company went down 50%. We need to figure out why they're not talking about us anymore? What were saying in the previous months that had our fans talking about us? What did we change this month that lead to the decrease? Do we need to change our content? ABC Company need to take a look at all of the analytics from posts this year to see why the big decrease?
  3. ABC Company is reaching more people on Facebook
  4. ABC Company need to post more content similar to the "National Cancer Survivors Day" post because this was the most viral post. The post reached the least amount of people on Facebook but it was the most viral. Was it the content that made it more viral? or was it the fact that it was posted on Sunday? Need to further analyze the analytics from posts on Sunday in previous months. Also need to determine what about this content contributed to it being the most viral as well as how we can incorporate the strategies used to generate this content in our other posts that reach a larger audience?
  5. Thirsty Thursdays and Wellness Wednesdays don't seem to be a big hit. Perhaps ABC Company need to get rid of themes like this.
  6. The majority of our fans and visitors are female (60.3%) between 25-44 years old. We need to keep them talking and engaged. We need to figure out what type of content will increase our male (38.4%) fans and visitors as well as how we can effectively use that data to increase our reach to the general male population?
  7. ABC Company seem to have a strong following in the Hispanic community. Spanish speakers are the largest demographic behind English Speakers and people from Spanish speaking countries make up the second largest following behind the U.S. Is the traffic coming from people in New York coming from Spanish Speaking people? There is a large Hispanic presence in New York--could our current and local Hispanics be promoting our page and content?
  8. There was a spike in total reach when ABC Company sent out an email on May 21. 
  9. Almost all of our emails are delivered (99%) but only 25% are opened? Why aren't people reading the emails we are sending? What can we change improve in the content.
Room For Improvement:
  1. Incorporate more visuals: health related photos, videos, and info graphics into posts.
  2. View audience as consumers instead of just shooting out content to them is the best way to increase/improve the audience's overall satisfaction & increase engagement.
  3. Implement content that is geared towards ABC second largest demographics to keep them engaged (health related issues in the Hispanic community)
  4. Facebook is a source for specific data about health condition for many people. Use this leverage to keep people coming to ABC Company's Facebook page as well as to engage patients with their health.
  5. Collaborate with bloggers who disseminate health information and post their posts on the Facebook page and ask them to have their followers go to ABC Company page to learn more about their health services.
  6. Network with Hospitals, Health Care Centers & Community Agencies to get them to help increase Brand Awareness and direct traffic to the Company Facebook page.
Other Social Media Channels

  1. ABC Company should use other channels like Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube to increase traffic.
  2. Include links to the Facebook page in Tweets
  3. People want to visualize their health--Use pinterest to include health related graphics, photos as a more effective way of browsing through content
  4. Create informative videos on Youtube.
  5. Google is the top external reference. Perhaps ABC Company should consider making a Google+ account
Planning for the Future

  1. ABC Company should stop sending emails because the ROI is too low considering the time spent on creating the newsletter and emails. Focus on ways the same information can effectively be transmitted across all Social Media channels and Increase audience engagement.
  2. The second largest language of their followers is Spanish & Hispanics are the second largest demographics. Implement more content surrounding issues affecting the Hispanic community and consider disseminating information in both Spanish and English.
  3. Over 90% of the major influences in peoples lives come from people they know…ABC Company need to make sure they are asking their fans and followers to share the information with others. 
  4. Statistics show 60% of adults surveyed use the internet to find health info. Find out which top diseases affect people in Central Florida and implement content surrounding that data.
  5. Increase interaction and engagement with seniors by implementing content that facilitates healthy aging. A lot of Americans move to Central Florida after retirement. 
  6. 10 million adults use a cell phone to find health info. Instead of doing Thirsty Thursday to TechThursdays and talk about a smartphone app that is health-related. There are many in both the iTunes and google play store--currently there are over 13,000 medical or health related apps
  7. 42% of Americans say they have or someone they know has been helped by using medical advice/info found on the internet. ABC Company should use this statistic to produce content on the FB page that will help their fans.
  8. 100+ patients go online to find information about prescriptions. Incorporate posts and visual content that explain the benefits, side effects, and common uses of the most popular drugs. 
  9. A Florida Hospital recently opened 2 women's health centers dedicated to women's health, providing an array of women's services for women of all ages. Promote these two centers and highlight the services offered. Build partnerships with them to get them to send traffic your way. 
  10. Tourism is big in Central Florida and as a result there is a high prevalence of fast-food restaurants. Highlight restaurants in the Central Florida area that promote healthier eating and have healthier menus in the content on the Facebook page. 
  11. Post when people will interact: M-F posting is better
  12. Consistency is key. ABC Company should post 1-4 times a week
  13. Use Fill in the Blank responses as opposed to always asking questions
  14. Have an engaging cover photo to lure audiences in. Use photos or videos in posts.
  15. Highlight and promote health events and news related to health in the Central Florida area.
  16. Incorporate success stories from fans
  17. Respond to comments
By incorporating these strategies into their IMC plan. ABC Company will increase their audience reach quicker than they know. 

3 Ways to Gather Information from an IMC Campaign to help Determine ROI

Search Engine Optimization: SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine. Having the keywords throughout your IMC campaign will help generate and drive traffic to your website and social media channels. Along with using keywords, one should also ensure the content they are publishing is well-written and engaging. Appropriate Keywords will resulted in higher rankings and the higher the ranking the more frequently the site appears. The more frequently the site appears in searches, the more visitors it will receive. Google Analytics will reveal all types of data and will hep figure out ROI by revealing what types of messages and content the audience is responding to, when they are responding as well as who the audience is. Another wonderful thing about Google Analytics is how it also allows you to see how your competition is doing and enables you to analyze online conversation across your respective industry so you can spend time creating engaging content based off of what your current and prospective audience is demanding.

Sales revenue: This measures the efforts/contributions the brand/company dedicates towards sales. This indicator will definitely let you know if your overall IMC plan is effective in optimizing your sales revenue. It will also give you a clear indication of which channels you need to continue using to reach your audience as well as the ones that are ineffective and as a result inform you where you may need to scale back your efforts. Sales revenue will also help you determine where the traffic that leads to purchases is coming from. One can determine which channel is bring in the most purchases and referrals as well as which channels are not generating in revenue leads at all.

Social Analytics: Analytics from your Companies' social networking sites provide valuable insight regarding if you are spending your time efficiently and publishing the correct content. Analytics from blogs, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts do a great job of showing not only what content, posts, statuses get the most views, are shared the most, but also reveals which ones are not doing well at all. Providing a clear view on where changes need to be made in the current IMC plan. If the content a company currently is producing is creating in engaging interactions with the audience, increasing sales, or tackling the overall company goals and objectives then the social analytics will surely let them know and they'll be able to begin revamping the current IMC plan.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Using Social Media to Make NYC Fashion Week Trendier

A week full of evolving social media coupled with the trendiest fashions from the world's top designers in New York City, one of the hippest cities in the world is every girl's dream! Okay maybe not every girl--only girls like me who are Social Media Planning Managers who also happen to have a blinded, deep-rooted love affair with Fashion.

As the Social Media Consultant for an up and coming designer going to their first Fashion Show during NYC Fashion Week, I will wear the Giuseppe stilettos that will successfully incorporate IMC & Social Media Sites to promote Fashion Week, the designer, Fashion Trends & apparel, as well as the Brand.

I am accessorizing my enormous closet of Fashion industry knowledge with my expert social media skills to create the most stylish Integrated Marketing Campaign that will build awareness for my designer by obtaining recognition from the top fashion vendors and buyers and solidify her place in the Fashion Industry while simultaneously promoting NYC Fashion Week.

I will concentrate on using the following three mainstream Social Media Channels to achieve my campaign objectives.

Instagram: This social media site has over 150 million users and is one of the most engaging social media channels. We will use the visual channel to engage and interact with our followers to show how we prepared for NYC Fashion Week, our Experience during Fashion Week, as well as our takeaways and achievements from Fashion Week. In order to foster community interaction we will promote our 7 day Fashion Week Newbie Challenge incorporating the hashtag #FWNewbieChallenge 3 days before Fashion Week in order to spread the word to other 1st Time Fashion Week attendees like our very own designer so that our followers will know the types of images that need to be uploaded during the Challenge. Crop Tops will be big in 2014 and our designer has collection dedicated specifically to crop tops and she will be highlighting it during NYC Fashion Week. An example of a photo challenge post would be "DAY 1: Put together the most fashion forward outfit using your favorite Crop Top. Then Post a pic of you in it." We will also use instagram to upload shots from runway shows, backstage peeks, our favorite out fits of the day from our very own collections, we will premiere new apparel and trends, and we will respond to @ replies from our commenters to build our community fan base. Our strategy is to focus on making our apparel and shoes interesting, appealing, different and artsy as opposed to focusing on selling the apparel.

Twitter: I prefer to solely use visually based social media channels during NYC Fashion week however I cannot escape nor deny the real time power of Twitter in generating buzz and traffic traffic to  other channels. For those reasons alone, we will use Twitter to tweet other designers to build relationships, promote and share; we will use hashtags to create buzz, find our target audience and improve the results of our marketing efforts.  We will also use hashtags to enhance our interactions with our followers and we will engage in "Twitter Listening" to see what our target audience is talking about during NYC Fashion Week and we will use that insight to craft our tweets.

Pinterest: Pinterest has been dubbed the "fashion-oriented social media platform" because of its rich content and the large presence of fashion brands, fashion designers, and bloggers on the channel. We will use the social media site to create boards regarding our take on 2014 fashion trends, along with boards that will give a users a sneak peek of our collections, boards that have outfit ideas inspired by us,  boards dedicated to unusual things that can be used to accessorizes outfits to be more bold and cutting edge. We will pin from our favorite designers and fashion bloggers and we will also include links to the blogs and other Social Media channels of the fashion bloggers and fashion magazines that we have partnered with. Considering that our this is our designers first NYC Fashion week and the biggest opportunity to date for her to increase sales and traffic to her Brand Website, we will transform our board with the outfits we put together using our apparel into a simulated "flipboard" so when pinterest users like an outfit  on that board a notification will pop up informing them that the outfit can be theirs and they can purchase now by clicking on the link that will subsequently  drive them to our website. And that's not even the best part! We put the icing on the cake & made it so easy and convenient for our customers by already having everything from the outfit loaded in the shopping cart and ready to be purchased.

Two other forms of multimedia communication I chose to use are:

  • Blogs: Blogs will provide us an easy way to give our users a solid chronological view into all of the preparation, planning that took place before the show; the fashion shows, our runway experiences and successes during NYC Fashion week; and our key take aways and accomplishments from the event. Blogs are also a good way to see what other designers and knowable fashion critics are saying during the show.
  • Vine: There has been a steady decline in the Return of Investment in regards to creating Videos and uploading them on Youtube as well as Live Streaming during fashion week because they limit designers and do not foster enough engagement or social conversation to build a community around the brand. It takes a lot of time and money to create compelling videos on Youtube and receiving a couple thousand views is not enough when you factor in the investment and the videos do not  fully reach the masses. With that being taken into account, we still want to incorporate some video but short inexpensive clips that we will allow us to think outside the box and generate innovative content and Vine let's us do just that! We like to be daring and different and do what others believe we can't so we have developed strategies to deliver the same message from the Live Streams and Youtube Videos but in short, linear edited, video clips that last a total of 6.5 seconds. We will also use the video filters to correspond with our funky moods during Fashion Week and we will also foster competitions on the site that challenge our target audience members to create clips of their best catwalk down the runway as well as a video collage of our users sporting different outfits that all highlight one 2014 fashion trend (like birkenstocks or chiffon). 

To measure the success of our campaign, we will track our analytics before, during, and after NYC Fashion Week to get a better understanding of which Social Media Channels were truly instrumental in helping us achieving our Campaign goals.

Social Media Planning for Say Goodbye to Adios!

I love speaking & teaching Spanish and learning about the Spanish culture. My passion to help people acquire Spanish as a secondary language along with my experience working as an Interpreter for several years led me to develop my own Spanish language service, Say Goodbye to Adios. I designed the company website in late July and I had all of my lesson plans, workshops, and social gathers planned out. I thought I knew enough about Social Media to go ahead & start profiles on popular Social Networking Sites for my company, however around the  2nd week of the semester, I quickly learned that there was so much more planning and brainstorming that needed to take place if I were to have a successful Social Media Campaign.

Needless to say, I haven't officially launched the site yet & I'm glad I waited. Now, I am more of an expert at planning a successful Social Media Campaign for my company. I have the necessary tools and skills needed to carry out my overall objectives.

I bet you're wondering "Why  it Pays to be Bilingual in today's job market?"  Well, recent studies show U.S workers who are able to fluently speak a foreign language are in demand and the need is expected to grow over the next decade! This demand is being driven by an increasingly global economy as well as the steadily growing presence of non-english speakers in the U.S.

The U.S. Department of Labor expect employment of interpreters and translators to increase 22% between 2008 and 2018!

Now you're thinking to yourself "...Mmmm why Spanish and not French?" Latinos are currently the nation's LARGEST minority group; accounting for half of the nation's population growth! With 40 million Hispanics in the U.S. today and an estimated annual growth of 4.65%, the Latino community will add 1.7 million people to its population every year! What better time than NOW to learn Spanish?

  1. Spanish language Skills will allow you to travel and open you up to culture & entertainment that you would not be able to access.
  2. A second language will look good on your transcripts & give you an edge in a competitive environment especially when applying to universities, grad school, law school and medical school.
  3. Accomplish your goal of being able to read, write, understand and fluently speak Spanish. It's never too late to learn.
  4. Speaking Spanish in Global Economy will make you more attractive to employers and more valuable to your company once you land a job. 

While I would say my overall  target audience is general, I do have certain groups I want to reach out to and they include: middle & high school students looking for a Spanish tutor, College students who need a Spanish tutor, students in the middle school age to college age range who want to enhance their Spanish speaking skills, Individuals who want to specialize in Educational Interpreting, Medical Professionals who want to learn or enhance their Spanish specifically medical terminology, Individuals who want to learn the art and ethics of interpreting, and Companies who need a Contract Interpreter/Translator. Taking these demographics into account, I have decided to use the following Social Networking Sites:
  • Facebook- create personal relationships, it has more users from all demographics & it's perfect for me to educate current and future students about lesson plans/objectives to foster their language acquisition and to develop a brand voice. One of the main reasons I want to have a solid Facebook page for Say Goodbye to Adios is because it is the best site for chronicling the successes of my students and clients
  • Twitter-  the best way to monitor my conversations with my followers, I can use hashtags to create leads that will help other prospectives find me and add to the conversation. In my opinion, this is a perfect site for me to not only interact with my clients and students but to network with others who have the same company or objective as me as well.
  • Instagram - I am a visually stimulated person so It's no surprise that I want a SNS that allows me to incorporate visuals. I would include promotional material, words of the day posts (since instagram has video now and there are apps that allow to combine video and photos) where I will have the photo of the word and its definition and a video with audio of its pronunciation. I also want to post photos of my interactions with my students along with photos from my workshops and social outings.
  • A blog (i have yet to decide which platform)- I want to do a blog because this will be something for all clients to go back to and will help foster their learning, enhance their language skills, and assist in ensuring that the students don't "fall out of touch" with what they are learning
  • Youtube (this is going to take a lot of planning before launching on this site)- I want to post videos regarding correct pronunciations, as well as the etiquette involved in interpreting as well as best practices for the professional interpreter.
  • Linkedin- a formal "professional" profile. WIll help me get contract interpreting and translating work. I can also market and promote my workshops and learning classes.
  • Pinterest To also promote the Spanish culture and teach my clients and students about different Hispanic cultures-there culture is very unique and it is necessary to understand the "general" Hispanic culture  in order to truly be successful. I am also a very creative person so this will allow me to come up with creative learning techniques. 
I plan on integrating my SNS as well in order to promote traffic from one site to another. Some of the helpful websites that help me generate content and plan my Social Media Campaign for Say Goodbye to Adios are

I get a lot of inspiration and insight from these websites. The relevant and key information from these sites help me to come up with planning for my campaign.

Social Media Campaign for Say Goodbye to Adios

  1. Create a video mini-series regarding the etiquette of interpreting in the medical field and post on the Youtube channel.
  2. Have several pinterest boards promoting Hispanic heritage and culture (for example: one highlight hispanic countries, foods, social cultural practices, Hispanic holidays, religions, health & lifestyle)
  3. Have #SlangSaturdays on Twitter. Followers will tweet me slang English idioms or phrases in which they want translated into Spanish (no profanity or cruel sayings) and I take what they request and make a clip translating the idiom or phrase and post it on the instagram page (embed on Twitter) as well. i'll also interact with followers and get them to teach me some phrases.
  4. Keeping the Brand voice consistent, I would post a slang phrase I picked and discuss the origins and provide examples of correct usage as well as video content on the Facebook page.
  5. On Cinco de Mayo, i will host a contest in which my students, clients, followers will submit a 2 minute video on Youtube highlighting how they immersed themselves in the Hispanic culture to celebrate Cinco-de-Mayo. THE KEY factor is the entire video has to be in Spanish.
  6. Have "Testimonial Tuesdays" throughout the entire Social Media Campaign. On Facebook and the blog-will highlight a student's testimony regarding how learning spanish has benefited them. On twitter using hashtag #TestimonialTuesdays, users will tweet how spanish has benefited them. On Instagram, users will post a picture or video clip of them Incorporating the Spanish learning skills. On linked in and youtube, I will post a success story from some one highlighting how spanish has changed their life.
  7. Do a how-to series on Youtube for individuals interested in becoming professional interpreters
  8. Have Fit Fridays- throughout all Social Media outlets, I will post content centered around health issues that affect Hispanics (for general knowledge as well as for those who want to be Interpreters and for Medical Professionals who have high Hispanic patient populations), medical/health/fitness terminology, healthy hispanic dishes, Hispanic  exercises.
  9. On the blog, I will post weekly tips for Medical Professionals & Hospitals who market and interact with Hispanic community
  10. Interact with as well as promote other Spanish Learning Companies on Twitter
  11. Host a seminar that helps bilingual individuals get interpreting and translating jobs. Promote the seminar on the Social Networking Sites.
  12. Document and highlight all of the company social outings with students and clients on Social Media, Also promote students and clients posts as well
  13. Use relevant articles regarding news and issues in the Hispanic Community to solidify my credibility
  14. Highlight businesses and companies that do a great job of reaching out to the Hispanic Community by incorporating Hispanic Community Marketing data and information.
  15. Use social networking sites to promote and share Say Goodbye to Adios stewardship and volunteer efforts. For example, I want to host a workshop where I help native hispanic speakers create resumes in both English/Spanish as well as give them tips on finding a job. Reach out to celebrities and public figures to assist in accomplishing goals. 
  16. Have a day dedicated to Hispanic Dishes, recipes and highlight restaurants. I love spanish food so Ill create a board on Pinterest. POST dishes on instagram. Generate hispanic food buzz on Twitter. Ill do a Hispanic Restaurant Report Card (something I used to do when I worked for the news) where I will go to Hispanic restaurants interact with the owner/chef  in both english/spanish if possible) and sample a popular dish and give my rating. Also if the restaurant agrees provide a discount/promotion for those followers who watched the video on Youtube and the blog and Facebook page. 
  17. Also use my Social Media profiles to highlight  current Hispanic events and social outings for those who truly want to immerse in the culture

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Working for Disney's Animal Kingdom

    We are pumped up to announce our new Social Media Campaign here at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Since we're the largest animal theme park in the world, it's no surprise we want the title of having the largest and most interactive social media campaign among all animal theme parks as well.
     We will achieve that objective by focusing on follower interaction & engagement, highlighting visiter engagement as well as through promoting our adventurous attractions on Twitter and Facebook.
Log in to your profiles & post along with us as we become the 
Kings of the Social Media Theme Park Jungle!

Sunday, December 1st

Facebook – Planning a trip to Disney's Animal Kingdom this Holiday Season? MyDisneyExperience is your personalized guide that gives you a new, easy way to plan & share your experience. Click here to register and start planning today!

Twitter –Coming to @Disney Animal Kingdom this holiday? Download the #MyDisneyExperience App & let us help you plan

Include Link: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/plan/

Monday, December 2nd

Facebook – What's your favorite Animal Kingdom Attraction? We want to Know!

Twitter –You're the center of our #jungle today; Tell us your fav #AKAttraction!

Tuesday, December 3rd

Facebook – Have you played our Animal Kingdom's Explorer game on Facebook? We've been playing all day! Become a part of our Global Research Team & start creating and nurturing your own wildlife preserve in exotic natural settings. Experience the beauty and value of nature with us…PLAY!

Twitter – Join our Global Research team & save wildlife on Animal Kingdom Explorer's game

Include Link: https://apps.facebook.com/disneyanimalkingdom/?track=fan-wall-gamepage

Wednesday, December 4th

Facebook Post 1: Disney is committed to protecting wildlife and their habitats through our Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund. We're celebrating World Wildlife Conservation Day by pampering our special wildlife all day long. Help us Make these animal's day extra special by donating to Disney's Worldwide Conservation Fund so we can continue to support the study of wildlife as well as the protection of wildlife. Click the link  below to donate now. Our wildlife needs you.
*Include Link: http://thewaltdisneycompany.com/citizenship/environmental-stewardship/disney-worldwide-conservation-fund

Facebook Post 2: Are any of our Facebook Friends at Animal Kingdom today celebrating World Wild life Conservation Day? If so, tag us in your status and upload a picture with your favorite wildlife & hashtag #WWCD. We can't wait to see your images.

Facebook Post 3: Visitors who are celebrating World Wildlife Conservation Day with us today can support endangered wildlife by donating to Disney's Worldwide Conservation Fund. View the image below for a complete list of contribution locations here at Animal Kingdom
*Include this pic: http://cdn.media.thewaltdisneycompany.com/cdnmedia/corporatecitizenship/DWCF_Factsheet_Contribution_Locations.pdf

Twitter Post 1 – We're celebrating World Wildlife Conservation Day at #AnimalKingdom #WWCD

Twitter Post 2 - Look how we're pampering our special wildlife
*Include this picture:
Twitter Post 3:  Learn how @Disney is committed to protecting wildlife for #WWCD
*Include Link:  http://thewaltdisneycompany.com/citizenship/environmental-stewardship/disney-worldwide-conservation-fund

Twitter Post 4: Want to help @Disney conserve wildlife? Here's a complete list of contribution locations.
*Include this pic: http://cdn.media.thewaltdisneycompany.com/cdnmedia/corporatecitizenship/DWCF_Factsheet_Contribution_Locations.pdf

Twitter Post 5: Celebrating World Wildlife Conservation Day with us? Tweet us a pic! We'll RT our favs! #WWCD

Thursday, December 5th

Facebook – On the 5th day of Christmas, our true love gave to us…. a baby Hartmann's Mountain Zebra! Say hello to Eskimo! Our newest addition!

Twitter – We received an early Christmas gift today. Eskimo, our baby Hartmann Zebra was born today!


Friday, December 6th

Facebook – We're still Goo-Goo-Ga-Ga over Eskimo, the newest addition to the Animal Kingdom Family. In honor of his birth, we're posting Facts about Zebra's all day long!


-- With three species of zebra, they can be distinguished by their stripes: plains zebras have wider stripes that wrap around their bellies. The Hartmann’s Mountain zebras have thinner stripes that don’t extend around the belly.

-- No two individual zebras look exactly alike.

-- Most scientists believe that the zebra’s stripes may serve to break up the outline of the zebra’s body in the herd and provide some camouflage when the zebra is standing in tall grass.

-- The Hartmann’s Mountain zebra can weigh up to 800 pounds and grow up to eight and a half feet.

-- Mountain zebras eat mostly grass, bark, leaves and tree and shrub shoots. Though they prefer mountainous regions for their habitat, they are known to move to lower elevations to graze in cold weather and seek shelter in caves or wooded areas.

Twitter Post 1– We're still gushing over #Eskimo, our newborn Hartmann Mountain #Zebra!

Twitter Post 2- Test your #Zebra knowledge in a game of #True or #False….

--  The Hartmann’s Mountain zebras have thinner stripes that extend around the belly.(F)

-- No two individual zebras look exactly alike.(T)

-- The Hartmann’s Mountain zebra can weigh up to 1,000 pounds and grow up to eight feet. (F)

-- Mountain zebras eat mostly pork, hay, and eggs. (F)

-- Hartmann's Mountain zebras seek shelter in caves or wooded areas.(T)

Saturday, December 7th

Facebook: Did you know were working hard on our Avatar themed land which is coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom!?Here's a glimpse of what's in store!

Twitter: We can't wait to open #AVATAR! Here's a sneak peak of what's in store!

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Sunday, December 8th

Facebook – Did you love the movie Lion King as much as we did? We know you do, that's why you should capture our "big-as-Broadway show" Festival of the Lion King! Click here to purchase tickets to our amazing stage show that celebrates Simba, the lion cub who would be King!

Twitter – Dying to show off your best lion rendition? Well you can @ #AK's Festival of the Lion King show!

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Monday, December 9th

Facebook & Twitter: Are you looking for NEMO? He's making a splash @DinoLand. A must "sea" show!

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Tuesday, December 10th

Facebook Post 1 – It's International Animal Rights Day. Our animals are our children, and we want to remind every human being that every animal on this planet deserves to be treated with equal kindness and respect. It saddens us that animals are still cruelly mistreated in 2013. Help us raise awareness, protest, and put a stop to animal cruelty by making the image below your profile picture.
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Facebook Post 2- We're giving away a 7 day, 6 night trip for four to Animal Kingdom in honor of International Animal Rights Day! Enter our giveaway by telling us how you will continue to raise awareness and help end animal cruelty in 2014! The deadline for submission is 11:59pm. To be considered contestants must post their essay on a Social Networking Site and provide us the link in the submission. Click here for complete details and deadlines regarding the contest.
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Twitter Post 1 – Here's how were Celebrating International Animal Rights Day! Support #animalrights
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Twitter Post 2- Tweet us pics of you protesting animal cruelty. #STOPanimalcruelty

Twitter Post 3- We're giving away an all expense paid trip to #AK in support of Animal Rights. Visit our FB page to enter!

Wednesday, December 11th

Facebook – Relax and watch exotic birds display their guile and take flight during Flights of Wonder.

Twitter – A cool canvas canopy + 20 species of exotic birds= Flights of Wonder!

Include Link: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/entertainment/animal-kingdom/flights-of-wonder/

Thursday, December 12th

Facebook & Twitter – Pet, Brush & Feed animals like Billy @ Affection Section! #AKZOO

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Friday, December 13th

Facebook – Today we're playing Name that Attraction! We're giving away free passes to the First 10 people who can correctly name the attraction from the clues provided below. Message us the answer!

  • Cave like tunnels
  • Red Kangaroos
  • Hippopotamus carvings
  • The Tree of Life

Twitter –Which #AK attraction  has animal carvings embedded in the Tree of Life?

Saturday, December 14th

Facebook: It's National Monkey Day! Learn how you can share your world with our Cotton-Top Tamarin Monkeys at Habitat Habit! We can't wait to see you monkeying around with this adorable, entertaining primates!
* Note: include link: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/attractions/animal-kingdom/habitat-habit/

Twitter Post 1:  It's National Monkey Day! Tweet us a pic of your best monkey expression. We'll RT our favs :)

Twitter Post 2: We loved your monkey pics so much….that we want you to….

Twitter Post 3: Tweet us an embedded vine of your best monkey impersonation use hashtag #monkeyingAround

Twitter Post 4: We will Re-Tweet our top 5 favorite vines tonight @ 10:00pm

Sunday, December 15th

Facebook & Twitter: Travel Back in time to save an Iguanadon from extension on #AK's Dinosaur Joyride #thrill

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Monday, December 16th

Facebook Post 1 –Attention. Attention. We want to know which of our Facebook Friends used MyDisneyExperience to plan their vacation. Tag us in your post & tell us how MyDisneyExperience made your trip to the Animal Kingdom a simple, easy, yet memorable one!

Facebook Post 2: Suggest MyDisneyExperience to 10 Facebook Friends and receive 40% off your stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge!

Twitter Post 1 – MyDisneyExperience personalizes and simplifies planning your Disney Vacation.

Twitter Post 2: Tells us why you love using MyDisneyExperience #mydisneyEXP
Tuesday, December 17th

Facebook – Like our page if you LOVE Animal Kingdom!

Twitter –Retweet if you #LOVE @Disney's #ANIMALKINGDOM!

Wednesday, December 18th

Facebook & Twitter – True or False? Animal Kingdom is the largest animal theme park in the world?


Thursday, December 19th

Facebook – We're highlighting our Conservation Station today. This amazing popular attraction showcases our veterinary treatment room, a Backstage Tour that allows visitors to spy on our animals in their "habitats" using animal cams, a wildlife tracking center plus so much more! Click the link for a complete list of interactive exhibits! #Conservation Station

Twitter – Interactive Exhibits + an In-Depth look at animal habitats = #ConservationStation!

Include Link in both Posts: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/attractions/animal-kingdom/conservation-station/

Friday, December 20th

Facebook – There are many rides here at Animal Kingdom and we want to see how many of you are AK Ride Experts. We'll post a picture of a ride and we want you to mention the name of the ride in your status along with whether or not you've ridden it before! Go ahead and include a picture if you have one of you on the ride…we'd love to see it!


Twitter: It's #RideOutFriday! Tweet us a pic of you on your fav #AK ride!

Saturday, December 21st

Facebook & Twitter: Want Dinosaur fossils as a Christmas gift? We're "digging" away plenty at Boneyard!

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Sunday, December 22nd

Facebook – Although the Forecast calls for Sunny skies this Christmas here in Florida, the icy peaks & chilling nature of our Expedition Everest is guaranteed to Blow you Away! Bring your jacket if you dare….and beware of Yeti…

Twitter –Have a cool Christmas atop #AK's Expedition Everest. #Beware: Chilling Yeti may blow you away…

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Monday, December 23rd

Facebook – We're jolly here at Animal Kingdom & excited for Christmas Day! Take a break from your last minute shopping and get a glimpse of our spectacular Christmas trimmings & decorations our Lodge!


Twitter – Take a break from last minute shopping & view our breathtaking Christmas Trimmings & decorations at #AK's Lodge!
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Tuesday, December 24th

Facebook –We had a blast at Mickeys Jingle Jungle Parade today. What was your favorite float? Here's ours.

Twitter – Tweet us pics of your favorite float from Mickey's #JingleJungleParade!

Wednesday, December 25th

Facebook – Merry Christmas from our family to yours. We hope all of your wishes came true! Post pictures of you and your animals by the tree. Tag us & use the hashtag #OurAKChristmas

Twitter – Merry Christmas! Tweet us pics of you & your animals by the tree #OurAKChristmas

Thursday, December 26th

Facebook – Did any of our Facebook friends get any furry creatures or other animals for Christmas? if so, post a picture and tag us using hashtag #myAKgift

Twitter – Did your loved ones get you a furry creature  for Christmas? Tweet us pictures! #myfurrygift

Friday, December 27th

Facebook – It's Flashback Friday at Animal Kingdom. We're posting "Now & Then" pictures of our most popular animals. Like your favorites!


Twitter – It's #FlashbackFriday! Tweet us NOW/THEN pics of your pets! We'll RT our favorites!

Saturday, December 28th                                                  

Facebook & Twitter: Franklin is still stuffed from all of the Holiday food. He's having a lazy Saturday here at the Animal Kingdom.

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Sunday, December 29th

Facebook – Thank you so much for spending 2013 with all of us here at Animal Kingdom. We're looking forward to making more memories with you in the new year. To end the year off spectacular, we're throwing a contest to see who had the best adventure at Animal Kingdom in 2013. Make a photo collage of your adventures and submit them to us. The winner will receive 12 passes to make more memories at Animal Kingdom in 2014! Yes that's 12 passes; One for each month of the year! We love you guys that much and we refuse to go a year without you!

Twitter –Share your photo collage highlighting your #AK #2013memories. Winner gets 12 pass to AK in 2014.

*Note: Include links to and contest info in both post

Monday, December 30th

Facebook – Coming to Animal Kingdom to kickoff the New Year? Is eating healthier on your 2014 resolution list? If so, we can help ensure you get started on the right track. Our Garden Kiosks has tons of healthy offerings and information regarding maintaing a healthier diet.
*Include Link:https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/animal-kingdom/gardens-kiosk/

Twitter – Want to lose weight and get fit in #2014? Sign up for #AK's #ExpeditionEverestChallenge.
*Include Link: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/events-tours/animal-kingdom/expedition-everest-challenge/

Tuesday, December 31st

Facebook –Happy New Year's Eve! We had a phenomenal year filled with so many memories because of you all. Tell us your new year resolutions!

Twitter Post 1–Happy New Year's Eve! We had an awesome #2013 with you all.

Twitter Post 2- Is visiting #AnimalKingdom on your #2014 #NewYearResolutions list?


DISCLAIMER: These posts are part of a class assignment to enhance understanding of subject matter we are currently studying. These posts are not affiliated with Walt Disney World, Animal Kingdom or any of Disney's Theme Parks. 
**This post is in no way affiliated with Disney's Animal Kingdom, Disney Parks or The Walt Disney Company. These are mock postings created purely for educational purposes.**

Couchsurfing: Change the World One Couch at a Time

Openness, Hospitality, & Intercultural Exchange
Couchsurfing is global travel social networking site that provides a platform for its' users to travel and "surf" on couches in the homes of other users they meet on the site.Couchsurfing is defined as "the practice of moving from one's friend's house to another, sleeping in whatever spare space is available, floor or couch, generally staying a few day's before moving on to the next house" Individuals who create profiles on Couchsurfing play roles as guests at a host's home, a host for other surfers, or as members of upcoming events on the site. Users refer to themselves as "Couchsurfers", "Surfers", or "CSers".
Couchsurfing was founded in 2004 as a non-profit volunteer-supported vertical Social Networking Site with users helping with everything regarding the design, up-keep and maintenance of the site. The Couchsurfers community was built on the principles of loyalty, transparency and trust and those principals definitely shine through the sites' values.

Couch Surfing 101
Users register and create profiles for free on Couchsurfing. On their profiles they can include information regarding themselves such as where they're from, where they want to go, why they love traveling, where they have been, if they will host other surfers as well as the accommodations they are willing to offer, photos from their Couchsurfing travels & experiences, and so much more!
Couchsurfing enrich the lives of their users by accomplishing 3 goals shown in the photo to the right.

Once members have established their profiles, they are encouraged to visit the Local Place Page of the city in which they currently reside to become familiar with Couchsurfers in the area and get tips and best practices from them, learn about that cities culture, join groups and events to mingle with other CSers in that area, as well as learn the tricks for hosting "surfers".
The home stay is worked out and mutually agreed upon in advance between the host and the guest & It is completely free;  no monetary exchanges take place whatsoever. However, it is common practice for surfers to give their host a gift, cook them a meal, or teach them a skill or trade they may be interested in.

The site provides various parameters, tips and guidelines in regards to user security. Users can use member references, user verification statuses, and the vouching system to measure the security and safety of the travels.

Members find hosts by using several filters of the site that can narrow down a search by age, location, gender and last login. Users join groups where they can seek travel partners, travel advice, organize outings, socials and activities based on their individual interests as well.

            Surfer Demographics

 *Currently there are 7 million members in over 100,000 cities worldwide
 *20% of Couchsurfers registered in the US (with Germany, France, Canada & England having large numbers of registered users)
*Paris is the city with the largest number of Cress
*The average age of a CSers is 28
*47% are women; 53% are men

See the Spectacular Infographic for more amazing, inspiring Surfer Demographics!

Couchsurfing goes Mobile!
In June of 2012, Couchsurfing launched the mobile app to compliment the desktop site.
The mobile app boasts it's an easy, mobile friendly way for CSers to search by location and narrow down the results using filters like age, gender, friends of friends and more straight from their smartphone while they are traveling! The complete list of what you can do on the app is listed below:

- Search for people to connect with
- Respond to and send CouchRequests
- Have conversations with upcoming hosts and surfers
 -View CouchSurfing cities on an interactive map
 - Write public CouchRequests
 - Easily view people’s profiles

But is Couchsurfing reaching it's full mobile potential? What about Proximity Marketing? It seems like they are not taking into account how much more great features and amenities Proximity Marketing can bring to the Couchsurfing user's mobile experience!

The Future of Couchsurfing
I believe Couchsurfing is an amazing social networking site that built a community of trust and transparency in an inexpensive way for those of us who love to travel, see the world and exchange cultural experiences. It definitely stands out from other social networking sites and one of the things that makes it so special to me is how close and solid the community of CSers is.  The level of loyalty and trust among users is mind-blowing. I don't even receive the same sense of loyalty and trust from some of my close friends, yet CSers have a strong sense of loyalty and trust from the beginning and it all derives from their love and desire to travel and experience the world. 

Couchsurfing has also done an amazing job at integrating their social networking site with other Social Media platforms. The site has a tumblr blog where users can submit their Couchsurfing experiences, read other users' stories, & search popular topics. They have a Facebook & Twitter account where they actively interact with their followers by posting statuses and tweets that engage their users by asking them things like "whats the best give you have given  a host" as well as posting pictures and highlighting user experiences. 

Couchsurfing have also taken full advantage of visual content based social networking sites like Youtube and Instagram. On their Youtube channel, CSers are greeted with a Couchsurfing Welcome video and then they can "surf" through other video content that includes safety tips, hosting best practices, surfer etiquette along with CSers experiences. They also held a Couchsurfing contest from users whose couchsurfing travel experiences got the most likes on youtube as well as the user who best demonstrated the "couchsurfing" mission and values.  The winner of the contest one a free plane ticket around the world! What a awesome way to get your users to interact and be engaged with your social network!

My favorite platform of theirs is their Pinterest board. They literally have board for everything a CSers would need to know before, during, and after their Couchsurfing experience. There is a board dedicated to "Share Your Love: Tips on Hosting", "A glimpse into the CS Headquarters", "Words to Inspire CSers Journey", "Stories from the Couch", and my personal favorite "Couches of the World"-a board dedicated to highlighting images of the various designs, styles and types of couches all of the world.

Couchsurfing has definitely done their research and selected the best Social Networking Sites that work alongside their platform to simultaneously enhance their users' experiences while tackling their Integrated Marketing Communications goals and objectives. However, there is always room for improvement…Couchsurfing is great now but it has the potential to be PHENOMENAL if they take advantage of proximity marketing. 

Considering that Couchsurfing is global travel social networking site, I was shocked to see that they haven't integrated much proximity marketing into their Integrated Marketing Campaign. It's hard to imagine a site dedicated to traveling the world without a solid, mind-blowing  established proximity marketing plan. Eventhough Couchsurfing is not built off of monetary exchanges for its' users, there are so many ways in which proximity marketing can further enhance the SNS and transform it from great to phenomenal! I've listed my suggestions below:

  1. On the mobile app, provide users with pop-up notifications when they are traveling and are in the vicinity of a CS host much like the WAZE GPS app does when a traveler is heading to a destination and hotel or motel is on the route.
  2. While the home stays are free, the mobile app could market services and skills of CSers in a destination in which a surfer is traveling. For example, I love to make scrapbooks, I would submit my Scrapbook company to the CS mobile app to market my service to CSers traveling to my area and wanting to buy  Customized Scrapbooks and photo albums.
  3. Restaurants, Popular Bars & Venues, Shopping & other Attractions should market on the Couchsurfing Mobile app as well. Couchsurfing could notify CSers of restaurants, malls, museums, and entertainment attractions that are nearby the home of their hosts. It's a win-win for both parties, the establishment will get business from new customers and expand their customer base and the users will get to experience all the attractions and amenities that particular city as to offer! And it wouldn't be hard to accomplish this! All Couchsurfing has to do is submit the interests, preferences and likes of their users to the companies and BOOM there you go!
I believe Proximity marketing will definitely enhance the CSers experience while subsequently transforming Couchsurfing from a great Social Media site to a phenomenal one! Proximity marketing will definitely help Couchsurfing carry out their goal of creating "a world made better by travel and travel made richer by connection".

Monday, November 11, 2013

Lights! Camera! VINE!

Did you ever think you would be able to convey a message or provide entertainment to your friends in a 6.5 second video clip?  Well, Vine let’s you do just that! Vine is a video-sharing mobile app owned by Twitter that allows users to create and post short video clips (maximum of 6.5 secs) which can be shared or embedded on social networking services such as Twitter & Facebook. When designed, Vine was initially just for iOS services, but has since expanded to include users with devices that have Android, Blackberry, and Windows operating systems. On April 9, 2013, less than 5 months after its' debut, Vine became the most-downloaded free app within the iOS App Store & the most used video-sharing application in the market. Vine currently has over 13 million users. Click Here to Learn a little More!

How to Use Vine
Vine users create short video clips up to 6.5 seconds long, while recording through Vine's in-app camera. Vine enables users to create visual illusions or tell quick multi-scene stories & broadcast them to the world!

Users start and stop a video recording with a tap on the Vine app which can be downloaded to a smartphone or a tablet.

There is no way to edit footage on Vine, no video filters, no red record button, no play button. Vine is strictly "Touch to shoot, Scroll to play."

Vine edits video content for users by stitching their shots together in sequential order. Users cannot reorder nor trim footage. Vines are shot in real-time--the video sharing app does not allow videos to be uploaded from users' camera roll nor does it allow adding external audio-ambient sounds only.
Vine videos are square and low-definition content. Vine can be shared and embedded on Twitter and Facebook.

Vine 101

13 million users share 1 million videos on Vine each day, according to analytics from Simply Measured. Vine is integrated with Twitter, another Social Networking Site. Twitter reports that 5 vines are tweeted every second. Most Vines are posted on weekends as that is the most popular time to share vines. 10:00 am-11:00 am is the hour of the day in which most Vines are sent. Check out this cool website I designed to give you the 411 on Vining!

In the latest update, Vine added features that delivered powerful, improved camera tools while making discovering clips easier for Vine users. These features included new grid, focus, & ghost tools, 15 channels for users to submit posts to—each with their own theme and popular feed, an “On-the-Rise” feature that enables users to find new people who are garnering the attention of the Vine Community, the ability to revine which allows you to share other people’s vine, as well as the option to protect their posts and control who   can see their posts. 

Vine & Marketing

Many Social Networking Sites are free for Brands and free for their customers to use. Almost all Companies/Brands utilizing Social Media use traditional sites like Facebook & Twitter,
but many are beginning to incorporate video into their Integrated Marketing Campaigns. On September 9, 2013, Dunkin Donuts became the first company to use a single Vine as a television advertisement.

Other Companies are using Vine to market to their target audiences as well. Rival IQ recently listed the Top 5 Companies using Vine for marketing; among them were companies like Dove and Taco Bell who have BOTH began experimenting with the App to create innovate clips to reach their followers. 

One of the biggest ways Companies are using Vine to market to their audience is by showing their personality. It is extremely important for companies to be themselves and to make sure they have the same voice throughout all of their social networking sites—including Vine. What better way to broadcast your companies’ overall personality than through fun, quirky, creative video clips! There are other important tips for using Vine to market to audiences as well and Sprout Content lists the “5 Ways to UseVine for Social Media Marketing”. Using Time Lapse as well as Sharing and Promoting your clips on other social networking sites are listed among their Best Practices. 

Aside from being creative, showing personality and using Hashtags, Brands can also stand out by using Vine videos to market to their target audiences by creating “How to Videos”.

“How to Videos” are important because they are instrumental in informing the customers, introducing the customer to new products,  as well as entertaining them and keeping them engaged.

I’ve given you some amazing tips and insight of the popular Video-Sharing app we know as Vine…..how will you use Vine to get your point across? Remember, you only have 6.5 secs!